• Spencer Krane returns to his home town of New Orleans where he takes his place on the Urology Faculty of Tulane University School of Medicine. 
  • He is a graduate of Isidore Newman High School, and after spending four years at the University of Michigan majoring in Mathematics and Art History he returned to New Orleans and graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine in 2007. 
  • He elected to pursue a fellowship in minimally invasive and robotic urology at Henry Ford Hospital under the mentorship of Dr. Mani Menon, the father of robotic surgery.  He proceeded to Wake Forest Baptist Health for training on regenerative medicine techniques with Dr. Anthony Atala and then completed his Urology Residency. 
  • When he finished in North Carolina, he pursued additional specialized uro-oncology training at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. 
  • While at the National Cancer Institute he was trained in: The latest treatments for prostate cancer & Diagnostic techniques including MRI fusion guided biopsies.
  • He performed complex kidney surgery on patients with inherited kidney cancer disease, taking as many as 53 tumors off a single kidney to prevent long term renal dysfunction associated with removing the entire kidney.
  • Dr. Krane has published extensively in urologic journals and his work has been selected to produce guidelines for urologic care.
  • He has 50 peer reviewed articles in national and international journals, and has presented his work from Chile to Rome to Taiwan and broadly throughout the United States.
  • He has won numerous awards for his research including in 2009 at the National American Urologic Association (AUA) for providing patients a catheter less radical prostatectomy, in 2014 at the AUA for identifying which patients benefit from prostate cancer screening and in 2016 for drug repurposing in bladder cancer based on changes in gene expression from the American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO).
  • He’s part of a study funded by the congressional directed medical research programs looking at return to work following prostate cancer therapy for African American men.
  • Here at Tulane, Dr. Krane is specializing in personalized medicine for patients with urologic malignancies.
  • His goal is to use new biomarkers, genomic classifications, epigenetic signatures, and imaging modalities, including MRI guided prostate biopsies, to allow patients to receive patient care individualized to their tumor and produce improved cancer outcomes while minimizing the side effects of therapy.
  • Dr. Krane is recruiting patients for clinical trials and is currently accepting new patients.

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