Low Testosterone May Be Responsible For Low Sex Drive

If your libido is going south, you may have to look no further than at the level of exercise that you do on a regular basis.  There is a relationship between excessive exercise levels and low testosterone level.

High volume endurance exercises will reduce testosterone levels by 20-40%.  (This finding is also present in women who participate in high volume endurance activities and have subsequent menstrual irregularities.)

In men the pituitary hormones, FSH and LH, that are produced in the brain are decreased thus decreasing the stimulation of the testicles to produce testosterone.  With a decrease in testosterone in men who participate in high volume endurance activities, i.e., marathons, triathlons, can experience a decrease in libido or sex drive.

Moderate Exercise is Good For You

Although regular exercise is very beneficial to good health, running, walking, jogging, or swimming for 20 minutes 3-4 times a week won’t affect your testosterone level or your libido.  This level of exercise is going to be good for your heart and lungs and will certainly make you feel better and help control blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, decrease insulin requirements and help control diabetes, and will improve a man’s overall mood.

Excessive Exercise

For men who participate in high volume endurance exercises and experience a diminished libido, this is not permanent.  When they return to a decreased intensity of exercises, the testosterone level will usually return to normal within a few months.

Several studies show lower testosterone levels occur in some endurance athletes. If you are such an athlete, or are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone — low sexual function or desire, sleep disturbances, reduced muscle bulk, depressed mood — you may want to consult your health care provider and have your testosterone level checked.

What to do?

If you find that you have the symptoms of decrease in libido and the testosterone level reveals a subnormal level, then the first treatment option is to dial back your exercise level for several months and check your symptoms and the testosterone level.  If you continue to have symptoms, and the testosterone level remains low, then there are treatment options consisting of testosterone injections, topical gels of testosterone, and testosterone pellets inserted beneath the skin.

Bottom Line: Help is available.  Don’t suffer from low libido and low T in silence.