For both men and women over 50 getting up to pee once a night is normal and twice a night over 65. In men, an enlarged prostate can be a cause of getting up frequently at night to urinate. There are other causes besides the enlarged prostate gland which can contribute to a disturbed sleep patterns.  These include numerous medications including blood pressure drugs, heart disease, and diuretics if taken too late in the day.  Also obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may be the culprit.

Don’t forget that consuming fluids prior to retiring can also be an offender.  If you drink 8-16 ounces of water, strong coffees or teas shortly before retiring, you can expect to get up at night to urinate as caffeine functions as a diuretic and causes an increased production of urine necessitating the need to awaken at night and use the restroom.

Bottom Line: Nighttime voiding impacts most older men.  The most common cause is an enlarged prostate gland.  I suggest that you see your doctor as medications are the first-line of treatment and can be very helpful in alleviating this troublesome condition.