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Education Series

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering a series of educational presentations to the public on Men & Women’s Health Topics! Stay tuned for upcoming events by following our Facebook page for latest events and updates.     

Decreased Libido

When Sex Is No Longer Fun For WomenWomen have sex drive and libido just like men. The sex drive of women is hormonal based and when the hormones are not aligned properly havoc takes place. There are also a dozen other physical causes that can affect a women’s interest in sex. However, help is available

Urinary Infections

I see dozens of women every month with urinary tract infections.  These are common infections associated with burning during urination, frequency of urination, getting up at night to urinate, occasionally fever and chills and blood in the urine.  Most of these infections can be prevented with a few simple life style changes.  This article will

Faculty News & Highlights

Tulane Doctors- Urology- Garden District Faculty News & Highlights Tulane Doctors Urology recently attended the American Urology Association Conference in Chicago May 3rd-6th 2019. Check out their posters presentations! Read MoreThe 3rd Annual North American Robotic Urology Symposium (NARUS) 2019 featured Dr. Raju Thomas as a guest speaker. Read MoreThe prestigious nomination for president of The

Guidelines of Getting a Mammogram

Just a few years ago the U.S Preventive Services Task Force weighed in PSA screening for prostate cancer.  The USPSTF took several years to get it right.

Overactive Bladder or When Your Bladder Controls Your Life

Most men and women can hold their urine for 15-20 minutes after the first urge to urinate.  If you feel a near-constant need to urinate, or feel as though you can’t ‘hold on’ when you do need to go, this is likely to be an overactive bladder. This differs from stress incontinence, when the pelvic floor muscles are too weak to prevent urination.