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Dr. Baum has written six books some of which are available on Amazon.com


What’s Going on Down There

This book is an awesome tool for all women. I really wished I had this book right after my first child was born in 1998. I, too, am one of those women who lived in silence about what I realized was a real medical issue, stress incontinence. At first I didn’t talk about it with my husband or my sister, who has kids and is a nurse. However, one year was long enough for me before I went to the doctor and started asking questions. But many women wait 5-10 years before seeking help. This book provides much- needed answers to many women’s health issues. As I near perimenopause, I find his book to be useful to me in my present life. It really is for women of varying ages, as we all go through things at different times and stages of our lives. I love how the authors provide information on different medicines, list of questions to ask your doctor, and drawings that help with understanding it all–not to mention everything is in layman’s terms. Thanks for putting this resource together to answer all our questions about “down there.”

Bonnie Blair
Four-time Olympian with five Gold Medals
Mother of two
Former “down there” patient


Marketing Your Clinical Practice

His book on practice management has sold over 175,000 copies and has been translated into Spanish.

“Marketing Your Clinical Practice: Ethically, Effectively, Economically, Fourth Edition is an updated and revised edition of this best selling guide to medical practice marketing including new topics and advanced techniques. This essential resource provides readers with the plans and real examples to market and grow a successful practice. This book is filled with practical marketing tips and strategies based around five components of a successful practice: retaining current patients; attracting new patients; motivating staff; working with managed care and other physicians; and utilizing the Internet and consultants. Marketing Your Clinical Practice: Ethically, Effectively, Economically, Fourth Edition is the perfect resource for any physician in a single or group practice looking to improve their business and medical students learning how to develop a practice. New topics to the Fourth Edition include: Internet and website strategies; Professional consultants; Marketing to the Generations: Boomers, Seniors, GenXers; Improving EMR efficiency; Adding ancillary services; In-office dispensing, advantages and risks; How to reconfigure your space; Natural Disaster and Technological Disaster planning”


Disaster Planning for the Clinical Practice

“Most clinical practices are not prepared for a disaster, and failure to prepare for a disaster can have devastating consequences on a medical practice, the physicians, and the patients. Disaster Planning for the Clinical Practice describes the types of disasters that can affect medical practices, suggests steps for disaster planning, and identifies the necessary procedures for restarting the practice after a disaster has occurred. Natural disasters are not the most common cause of practice failure – man-made disasters such as computer crashes, power outages, and loss of electronic data are more likely to impact a medical practice. This book offers suggestions on the preparation of a disaster plan that can be easily implemented into any health practice, and discusses how to overcome both natural and man-made disasters. Each chapter features true disaster case studies, questions doctors or office managers need to answer, and step-by-step recommendations for the implementation of the disaster plan, as well as dozens of templates and forms ready for immediate use. This is an essential resource for all practices large, small, rural, and academic.”

The other titles include:

Impotence – It’s Reversible
Hiring a New Associate – Tips to Find Dr. Right


Dr. Spencer Krane

New intake with Dr. Spencer Krane went great! He took the time to listen to me and come up with a plan that makes sense. It's nice when you find a physician that fits. Thanks!

Michael DeMarco


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Advanced Prostate Cancer Can Be Successfully Treated

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Our Doctors have written several books,  some of which are available on Amazon.com.


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