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For those of us living in southeastern Louisiana with very high humidity and high temperatures, we need increased consumption of water especially during the summer months. The tap water in our community is perfectly safe and it is not necessary to consume inexpensive bottled water. Tap water is far better than sodas, flavored waters, coffee and tea. In most situations you can rely on your thirst to determine how much water you need to drink. However with increased sweating and increase outdoor temperatures, consider increasing your fluid consumption. Other exceptions are patients who have a history of kidney stones need to increase their fluid consumption especially during the summer months.  Two rules of thumb: #1- you need to drink 1 cc of water for every calorie you’ve consume. For example, if you have a 2000-calorie per day diet, you will need two thousand cc of water per day or approximately 66 ounces of water.   #2-If you want to know how much water you need, consider looking at the color of your urine.  During the summer months the urine should be clear and white. If your urine is dark and yellow, that is an indication that you need to consume more fluids. So drink up and enjoy the summer and every now and then take a look at the color of your urine-your body and your health will thank you!


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