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“My Personal Promise to You”

number-1_  We will answer the phone in less than 3 rings… most of the time.

number-2   A human, not an answering machine, will speak with you and make your appointment or take your question.

number-3   We can usually make an appointment to see you on the same day that you call or the very next day.

number-4   If you call for the doctor or one of the patient assistants, we will call you back the same day and we tell you about what time that call will take place.

number-5   We use an electronic medical record and we will send your prescription to the pharmacy so that the medication will be ready when you arrive at the pharmacy. (This does not apply to sleeping medication or pain pills as the law does not permit electronic transfer of these prescriptions)

number-6   We will send a letter to your primary care doctor or your referring physician while you are still in the exam room listing your diagnosis, the medications that I have prescribed, and the treatment plan that I have outlined for you. Now, if you need to contact your physician, they will be knowledgeable about what took place during your visit to my office.

number-7   We will provide you with educational material on your condition. Most of the articles that I will give you have been written by me and are also available on my website, www.neilbaum.com

number-8   You can communicate with me or one of my staff via E-mail, nbaum@neilbaum.com, and I will answer you usually within the same day that you send the note to me. Please don’t use the E-mail for emergencies or urgencies. For those situations, please call my office and I will call you immediately.

number-9   We have a very energetic, enthusiastic, and smiling staff who will help exceed your expectations regarding your visit to our office.

10   We will make your visit almost “magical”!


You turned my life around

Dr. Baum has taken care of my elderly father for many years. He has an elevated PSA level but Dr. Baum has explained the concept of "wacthful waiting" and I and my father appreciate this plan of management.

Lauren Waguespack


Advanced Prostate Cancer Can Be Successfully Treated

Men with advanced prostate cancer can be treated with androgen derivation therapy. ADT reduces the testosterone level which often serves as fuel for prostate cancer cells.

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PSA Testing For Prostate Cancer-What’s the New Guidelines

New Guidelines For PSA Screening...
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PSA Testing For Prostate Cancer-To Screen or Not Screen, What’s the Answer?

I am frequently asked by patients about screening for prostate cancer with PSA testing.  This article will discuss the evidence as well as my recommendations for my patients. 

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A large selection of informative articles that are a must read. 


Our Doctors have written several books,  some of which are available on Amazon.com.


Our Doctors  provide  serveral videos that explain a wide range of issues.

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